“For students of all ages who believe that problems with attention, focus, impulsivity or other mood-related difficulties have interfered in their academic success.”

Does the description above sound like you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

You won’t be alone or feel lazy or stupid at The Affinity Center. That’s because we talk to you, and listen to what you have to say! Many of us have been diagnosed with ADHD, so we can remember what school was like and understand how it might feel to be inside your head–and outside too.

Lots of things can cause similar symptoms, including a learning disorder or a mood-related difficulty. To get an accurate diagnosis for ADHD, you need to see a professional who knows ADHD. You also need to obtain a multi-factored evaluation. If you come to Affinity, that means you’ll have a structured interview (a conversation with the focus being on you and your strengths/challenges) with a therapist who has expertise in diagnosing ADHD. You’ll also take some tests, meet with one of our physicians, and talk with a specialist about what goes on at school and at home when you try to do homework or study.

Our goal is to get to know YOU and to work with you to find the best way to help you manage your diagnosis of ADHD. This might be with medication, neurofeedback, coaching or whatever you feel comfortable trying. Whatever your questions or conerns may be, we will do our best to answer them in a private, confidential setting.

Still not sure? Call us and we will be glad to spend some time on the phone to answer your questions.


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