The Affinity Center
ADHD Evaluation and Treatment in Cincinnati

ADHD Evaluation and Treatment in Cincinnati

The Affinity Center is an ADHD evaluation and treatment center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Your full potential is in reach.

Achieve Your Full Potential

Your ADHD can be managed better and we can help.


ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

We are dedicated to being the finest and most comprehensive center of its kind.

Since 1996 we have had the opportunity to work with over two thousand clients and their families. We started The Affinity Center in response to the need for comprehensive, integrated services for people adrift in a healthcare system that often did not understand how to identify and treat ADHD. Our success is primarily due to our clients spreading the word about us. And we’re grateful.

What is ADHD and why is it a concern?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neuropsychological condition that affects attention, impulse control, or activity level for about five percent of children and adults. Adequate attention is necessary for learning, organization and memory, managing emotions, and effective communication. Problems with attention can also be associated with regulating activity levels and putting the “brakes” on impulses. ADHD Affecting one or more of these areas will create significant obstacles to success.


Paying attention is only part of it, we’re here to help people do great things.

Areas of Practice

Diagnostic Consultation

The first step of creating a customized treatment plan. Every client starts here so we can better understand your needs and goals. This is also an opportunity for you to find out how we can be of help for your unique situation.

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psychoeducational testing

Psychological tests are used to analyze the mental processes underlying your child’s educational performance. This type of testing is helpful to discover the learning patterns that your child favors and assist in providing the necessary information for creating a 504 or IEP plan with the school.

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medication management

When prescribed appropriately and monitored systematically, medications can be the single most effective component of a comprehensive treatment approach. Our team of experts can help ensure you are on the right track.

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Team assessment

Our team of specialists will guide you through a recommended treatment plan. Learn more about our specialists on staff at The Affinity Center to better understand how they can help you succeed.

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We focus on caring for the whole person with our treatments to address broad concerns about school or work, emotional well-being, personal relationships, physical well-being, as well as stress and lifestyle management.

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SCHOOL and workplace support

Increasing structure, stimulation, and the variety of tasks, as well as regular performance feedback, can make a big difference. Working directly with schools or employers can help create beneficial environments for our clients.

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