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Educational Support and Coaching

Educational Support and Coaching

Educational support can mean a lot of things, depending on your point of view.

●        For a parent, it can mean finding effective tutors, discovering how to motivate a child that feels defeated when it comes to their academic life, managing a child’s schedule, implementing new study strategies, or beginning the college search. At The Affinity Center, you’ll find that whatever educational support means to you, we’ll find a way to provide it.

●        For a student, it can mean making academic struggles easier, helping manage test anxiety, and negotiating what constitutes a “neat” workspace. It could also mean assisting a student with the overwhelming task of starting a college search–especially when deadlines, finances, and special needs enter the picture.

●        For a teacher, it can mean helping to develop study strategies for a student, as well as being a useful liaison with an overwhelmed family.

Educational Consulting

At The Affinity Center, you have a team of people working to approach your or your student’s educational needs in a holistic manner. Our team is dedicated to helping to meet the educational concerns of every student, no matter what their age or ability level.

At Affinity, we often work as a liaison between students (and their families) and the teachers and schools to meet the student’s individual learning needs. We can observe students in the classroom, if there is a need, to help determine strategies the student may use to perform better with that particular teacher/class. We can also work with the teachers to help them better understand a student’s particular struggles within their classroom and suggest ways for everyone to work as a team, with the ultimate goal of improving academic performance and helping the student feel competent and successful.

As part of consulting around education, the clinical staff at Affinity might visit in the student’s home, to gain a better understanding of the student’s workspace and study style. We focus on helping all students, children, adolescents, or adults, examine their organizational and time management skills, to foster success and self-sufficiency in their lives.

Educational Coaching

Do you or your student list any of these particular challenges as roadblocks to your success?

time management/procrastination
feeling overwhelmed
test stress
lack of study routine
Our team often “coaches” or partners with students and/or their families, helping them to clarify what they want to accomplish and the problems they experience along the way. We want to help students from feeling alone, helping each one to discover his or her strengths and providing the resources, strategies, and support he or she may need–all while demonstrating how to become accountable so that the student can experience new and better results.

Like a good teacher or sports coach, Affinity helps students develop their self-advocacy skills by building their self-awareness. We help them explore different learning styles, study routines, writing methods, and other skills that will help to overcome the roadblocks listed above. And, like a good motivator, we work with students to develop action plans that focus on follow-through and completion. This requires hard work and patience, as the “team” works together to overcome distractions, stressors, unproductive habits, and disabling attitudes.

Coaching works with students because it is a collaborative process that works from their strengths.

A coach is each student’s complete ally, bringing out one’s best and opening doors for all the possibilities in one’s life.

Tom Derminio