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Teens and ADHD

It is probably obvious to you the many ways that ADHD has impacted your school life. Beginning at a young age, you may have had the unpleasant task of bringing your parents notes from the teachers, documenting your trouble paying attention, sitting still, and working to your potential. Your grades may have been inconsistent, you might have bombed some of your exams, and homework took you three times as long as other kids.

We know now that ADHD does not only impact your school life. In fact, many teenagers struggle with their ADHD symptoms in their personal and social life. Teenagers with ADHD frequently experience the following symptoms outside of the classroom:

●        A tendency to act impulsively, or without thinking through decisions. This may result in behaviors ranging from blurting out your best friend’s secret to suddenly deciding to sneak out of your parents home to trying a drugs or other substances

●        Becoming the “chatterbox” in your group of friends can be great – you probably have a lot of interesting things to say! Unfortunately, talking excessively can cause your friends and peers to feel “worn out” after a conversation. Or they may feel irritated that you did not allow them a chance to speak.

●        Teenagers struggling with symptoms of inattention frequently experience this symptom in social situations. They may “zone out” as their best friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend talks to them, causing conflict.

●        Most people learn about their preferred work environment once they begin their first part-time job in high school. Some teens with ADHD may struggle with boring, repetitive jobs, while others have difficulty multi-tasking.

●        You may experience emotions in a more intense and long-lasting way than your non-ADHD friends. This becomes even more important in your life as you deal with issues like break-ups, transitioning to college, and dealing with your parents’ rules.

Despite these problems, the majority of teenagers with ADHD respond well to carefully structured treatment. With the help of your clinical team at The Affinity Center, you will have the support to navigate both the academic and not-so-academic areas of your life influenced by ADHD symptoms.

Tom Derminio